Small Groups

Small Groups are an integral ministry at Raintree Christian. In our Small Groups community takes place in a comfortable setting to inspire us to build loving relationships. Here we do life together and learn what it means to love God and love others. We are empowered with the story of Jesus to cultivate relationships with our community and neighbors.

Because we consider children and teens to be part of the Raintree family from birth, we urge our adults to encourage, mentor and pour into the lives of our young people. We believe that strong relationships are forged when people in various life stages are partnered together. Our groups are designed to be multi-generational.

Our hope is that your family will fully integrate into life at Raintree and that means finding a Small Group to belong to. During the odd months of the year your children will receive age-appropriate teaching at the Treehouse on Sunday evenings while you attend a Small Group for intentional spiritual formation and conversation. During the even months we hope you will bring your children with you to your Small Group to receive your own Family “CUEbox” which will assist you in leading your children in a 45 min. learning experience as well as take advantage of multigenerational interaction with your entire Small Group. Family-friendly Small Groups meet on Sunday from 4 to 6 pm.

Contact Ramona Ruebush, to get connected to a group.

Where To Plug in

Sunday Groups

Barnes, House & Nolan Group - 4-6pm

Contact:Kevin Barnes 806.470.7323

Stacie Barnes - 806-470-4667

Adam Nolan - 214-392-6499

Lize Nolan - 682-667-6546

Day & Tryon Group - 4-6pm

Contact: Jeff Day  806.778.1412

Kris Tryon - 806-470-5169

April Tryon - 806-543-3864

Cristi Day - 806-787-8673

Moss & Betenbough Group - 4-6pm

Contact: Michael Moss 806.928.1356

Ron Betenbough - 806.548.0404

Norris, Ridenour, Barritt & Monica Group - 4-6pm

Contact: Alan Norris  806.441.4858

Sandy Ridenour - 806-500-0082

Isley & Wheat Group - 5pm

Contact: David Isley  806.281.4282

WA Wheat - 806-543-2382

Zube Group - 6:30pm

Contact: Dale Zube  806.790.5865

Linda Zube - 806-790-5762

Wednesday Groups

Bigham & Lamm Group - 7pm

Contact: Rachel Lamm  806.789.6827

Evans & Roberts Group - 6:30pm

Contact: Donnie Evans  806.441.0117

Connie Evans - 806-239-3281

Thursday Group

Ponthieu & Elliott Group

Contact: Judy Ponthieu 806.795.1904

Priscilla Eliott 806.791.0685


Director of Pastoral care

God has blessed me with a rich and full life. He blessed me with Christian parents so I would grow up knowing Him, and blessed me with a husband whose number one priority in life is serving God. He blessed us with our children and grandchildren and Christian friends all around the world.

I have been married to my hero, David, since 1969. We have owned businesses, gone through his stint in the military, served in full time ministry, raised 3 children, been house parents (fostering 14 children), lived in 5 states, 7 cities, and 21 houses. Our journey has been an exciting adventure filled with opportunities to grow and stretch in our faith and relationship with God and each other.

David and I have three children. David, Jr. is the oldest, Julie is the middle child and Chris is our youngest. We have six grandchildren, Elizabeth, Meagan, Kimberlee, Alex, Coley and Randi. All of our grandchildren were born close together which has always made cousin time so much fun.

I love sweet movies, good books, sentimental comments on FB pictures, family, friends, creating multi media art and life. l enjoy getting to know other people and learning their stories, preferring a cup of coffee with a friend to a shopping trip.

David and I have been worshipping at Raintree since the fall of 2008. From the first time we came we felt at home. This is a friendly, fun and comfortable congregation and I anticipate forming many more friendships as we worship and work with this family of people.