We welcome you to join the Raintree Christian Church by letting us

( any staff, deacon or elder) know that you:

  1. Agree to be lead and cared for by the leadership of the Raintree Christian elders.

  2. Support and be involved in the Raintree Christian church family with your gifts and resources.

  3. Allow us to put you and your families’ contact information and photo in the password protected online member directory to allow members to identify and contact you.

  • The Raintree office needs from you, as a new member:

    1. Our New Member Form filled out online and submitted.

    2. A  photo for the online membership photo directory either emailed to  Kris Tryon or taken by our volunteer photographer.

  • Starting Point

    Click on the blue map icon to get more information concerning our quarterly new members and interested guests class, STARTING POINT.