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Our congregation lives because of the Gospel, the Good News, of Jesus, and we are dedicated to having God's Word proclaimed at each assembly worship.  It is his voice and his words that we seek, and it is his purpose for our lives that moves us to obey his teachings.  


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Quick Thoughts is a video segment that enables us to reach our congregation and others, beyond Sunday mornings.  You may find videos about scripture, family, parenting, or many other topics; all with the hope of encouraging and enriching your life. We hope this ongoing series may help you engage in our culture through kingdom living. CLICK ON IMAGES FOR VIDEOS

  • Desiring closeness with others.

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  • Walking through guilt, fear, and shame.

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  • Life in Forgiveness

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Senior Minister

The best thing about me will never be my preaching, my ability to minister, or my pastoral skills.  As hard as it is sometimes, I'd like to think my identity is just Josh, another Christian trying to live each day for Jesus and help our community experience God's gracious Kingdom life.  

My greatest sources of pride are my family.  My wife, Heather, and I were married in December of 2002, and she has been my greatest blessing.  We have been blessed with two wonderful children, a daughter and son.  There is no way to overstate how God has matured me through marriage and fatherhood, and I look optimistically into the future for greater experiences with each of them.  

Coming to Raintree has offered our family, seemingly, countless ways to participate in the mission of God, both alongside our church family and in conjunction with Lubbock city efforts.  Our leadership's dedication to Jesus Christ and his Word has produced more fruit, opportunities, and in depth relationships than we could ever have imagined.  We feel God's Spirit is at work and leading, even when we are not sure of the destination or how to get there.